Open PDF Files: Incredibly Easy Ways

Open PDF Files incredibly easy ways. A PDF file format provides an electronic image of text and graphics. A PDF is similar to a printed document that you can view in different devices with the help of external software. This article is a guide to help you solve the problem of how to open PDF files.

Open PDF Files

The primary purpose of a PDF is to present a universal file format. PDF file format preserves the quality and is readable in mac, Windows, and Android Operating systems.

PDFs also enables users to view documents from their computer screen precisely as the original file. While at it, you can also get information on how to open bin files and make your work easier.

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Ways to Use the PDF File 

PDF is the modern smart way to open published books that benefits people in all cadres of the profession.

  • Many publishers nowadays use PDF format to circulate copies of their e-Books to their readers in a digital format, and it is commonly referred to as an e-Book.
  • Most businesses prefer to use PDFs to prepare forms, memos, flyers, among other documents.
  • A PDF file is usually a “read-only” document, and you can not change it unless you are the original author or publisher of the report. 
  • PDF documents can save relevant documents, and they take up small storage space, and you can use them to store bulky files

How to Open the PDF Files in Windows 10

Since the debut of the Microsoft Edge browser, it is easy for users to view PDF files. By double-clicking on the PDF using this browser. The functionality of viewing PDF files is the main feature added to the Microsoft Edge browser.

If you cannot access the Microsoft Edge browser to open a PDF file, no need to worry as we got your back, you can download the Adobe Acrobat reader and use it to conveniently open and view the PDF file. Details on how to open the PDF files outside the Microsoft Edge browser.

How to Open using Adobe Acrobat reader

  1. Download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  2. Launch the software then click on File menu on the top left the side of the window, select Open
  3. Locate the PDF file you want to open.
  4. Choose the file and click the Open button.

How to Open PDF on Windows Explorer 

  1. With the installation of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is easy
  2. Launch Windows Explorer.
  3. Navigate to the location of your PDF file
  4. While Adobe Acrobat Reader is running, double click the data, and you will automatically view your data.

How to Open PDF on Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a built-in PDF viewing functionality through its Preview App. Double click the local file in the Finder to open the PDF file or the downloaded file via your web browser.

Mac OS X allows the Preview app to let you view the documents. There will be no display of interactive content, such as hyperlinks and videos. 


You can view, sign, and mark PDF files on iOS using the pre-installed Book application from Apple. If this application is not in your device, you can always download it from the Apple Store.

Using Android to Open PDF

There is no pre-installed PDF viewing functionality in Android. However, there are hundreds of applications that enable android device users to view PDFs.

You can also download most of them from the Google Play store and get ready for your files. Adobe Acrobat Reader also has a mobile version for Android and iOS, and users can use it to read their PDF files.

Open PDFs Online

The Chrome browser has an inbuilt PDF viewer that you can set as a default browser. Follow steps below will guide you 

  1. From your Chrome browser
  2. Tap on More then select Settings at the upper right corner.
  3. Select Advanced settings from the bottom of the page 
  4. Under “Privacy,” select Content settings.
  5. Scroll to the bottom, where you find “PDF Documents,” uncheck the box stating “Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer.” 


PDF files are embedded with fonts, images, hyperlinks, text, videos, interactive buttons, and forms. PDF files are a standard file format that distributes bulky information, which makes them handy.

I hope this article enlightens you about ways to open PDF files. Please leave us your observations and reviews on the comment box below.

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